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The staff at Behavioral Medicine & Addictive Disorders (BMAD) have special training and education in the treatment of addictive disease, trauma, domestic violence, sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, PTSD, anxiety, and stress. BMAD's clinical staff have graduate degrees in counseling with an emphasis on addictive disease, trauma, PTSD, violence, sexual abuse, crisis intervention. BMAD Staff attend conferences around the nation where they learn the most up-to-date treatment guidelines in our areas of expertise.

  • Provide clinical services treating alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • Utilize mental health professionals with Masters degrees in substance abuse counseling.
  • Help clients attain and sustain sobriety and abstinence for long-term recovery.
  • Assist clients in exploring psychological motivations for addictive acting out.
  • Teach clients develop and maintain healthy coping mechanism without use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Instruct clients in developing healthy emotional responses in order to extinguish maladaptive behavior.
  • Help clients towards reaching their potential
  • Provide up-to-date research supported treatment individually tailored for each client. Such treatment will combine AA and traditional 12-step orientation with current research supported methods of treatment aimed at helping clients build a healthy psychological landscape.
  • Clinical staff will have specialized Masters Degrees and training in full treatment of those clients with addictive disease, to include treatment for co-occurring disorders.
  • Treatment will be aimed at helping the clients stay sober and free of drug use. Clients will learn the underlying psychological issues that motivated their addictive acting out, and clients will be able to verbalize at least one major reason for their substance abuse problems, while learning methods to extinguish maladaptive behavior so they can maintain long-term sobriety
  • All clients will given opportunities to explore, understand, and reduce the effect of Co-occurring mental issues that accompany their substance abuse problems.
  • Clients will be able to verbalize and utilize healthy new coping skills that will help them maintain abstinence.
  • Client will build an emotional an vocabulary and engage in sharing their emotions and feelings with others in experiential group therapy. Client will be given the opportunity to understand the importance of having healthy emotional responses in order to live without alcohol or drugs.
  • Client's therapeutic treatment will help them understand and overcome barriers to their potential. Experiential group therapy and psycho-educational material will enable them to work towards their potential.

Sandra Williams/Partner, M.A., LPC- S, Clinical Director

Sandra has over ten years in the mental health field. Sandra earned a Masters Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who facilitates DWI groups, PTSD support groups, and individual therapy. Sandra is considered by her peers to be empathetic, compassionate and understanding with the clients and their families suffering with addiction and trauma. She brings compassion to individuals who are struggling to maintain a life of recovery while encouraging them to create a healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit. Sandra is a proven administrator overseeing 7 programs tailored to community needs. Assessing and providing diagnosis for those who struggle with various addiction, mental and emotional health conditions.

Charlie Williams/Partner, B.A. Currently MA/PHD Program, Clinical Program Director/ Crisis Intervention Trainer

Charlie is the Director of all programs at Behavioral Medicine and is presently completing a PhD program in Clinical Psychology. Charles has over 15 years experience working in the mental health field. He has worked with incarcerated youth and adults as both a Program Director and motivational speaker. He has written Reintegration Programs being utilized in the Colorado Department of Corrections affecting the lives of thousands of offenders. Charlie facilitates IOP, Anger Management, Life Skills and Reintegration/Recidivism prevention groups and does individual therapy family sessions. Charles is recognized as a leader in the field of behavioral modification and recidivism prevention due to a mixture of his own personal life history and his vast experience in the field. He also assist in training police departments statewide on the impact of PTSD and effective deescalation techniques as well as a trained crisis intervention trainer (Cornell University). Charlie is also the Director of the Behavioral Medicine Addictions Reentry Residential Programs in Ouachita Parish. Known for his wealth of knowledge and dynamic class sessions, Charlie also develops group and accountability programs for 4th Judicial District for those convicted of sex offenses in the 5 parish area.

Arienne Williams/Partner, M.S. C.I.T., LPC, Mental Health Professional Supervisor, Clinical Supervisor

Arienne supervises all Medicaid related clinical programs at BMAD. With a Master Degree derived from ULM and Old Dominion University, Arienne brings a tremendous research set to NELA. Her vast experience in individual therapy and constant dedication to research and education make her a recognized resource in the field of clinical mental health. Arienne supervises a staff of 5-9 Masters Level Mental Health Professionals that provide community support to over 150 clients in North Louisiana area. Arienne also works with families who have endured sexual and physical abuse as well as women and combat veterans struggling with symptoms of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her strengths in individual therapy bring a cohesion to the BMAD mission.

Peggy "DeDee" Kozlovsky, Office Manager

Maria Smoot M.S.W. Senior Mental Health Professional

Christina Simpson M.ED. MHP Senior Mental Health Professional

Carla Mercy M.A. Mental Health Professional

Mishema Jackson M.A. Mental Health Professional

Shetoquie Davis M.S. Mental Health Professional

Stewana Johnson B.S. Mental Health Specialist

Angela Casson B.S. Mental Health Specialist

Jonjala Cooper B.S. Mental Health Specialist

Tana Stieg B.S. Mental Health Specialist

Kaki Stoffer B.S. Client Support Liaison/Group Leader

Dr. Mitchell Young, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, (Retired)

Dr. Young was an Associate Professor at the University of Louisiana in The Department of Leadership and Counseling. He has twenty years experience with treatment of stress, anxiety, and trauma. He has worked with hurricane victims, victims of crime, victims of sexual molestation, adults brought up in dysfunctional families, and combat veterans. Dr. Young and his clinical staff are especially trained and experienced to deal with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, dread, doom, despair, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Dr. Young has lectured across the nation, conducted research and published articles concerning the addictive process. Dr. Young supervises and conducts DWI prevention therapies for the 4th Judicial District. A combat veteran, Dr. Young brings a special understanding of addiction as it relates to trauma. His insights and experience insure high quality treatment.
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