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Sobriety and Addiction Recovery :: BMAD

It should be obvious, really: Addiction recovery must entail long-term sobriety. Addiction treatment that helps addicts get sober for a few months or even a few years hasn’t accomplished much of anything; in the fight against drug abuse, any solution that doesn’t last isn’t a solution at all. If drug rehab is going to work for you, it must work over the long haul…which of course means that you can’t afford not to play an active role in your own rehabilitation.

Some addiction treatment programs trumpet short term success: They talk about how frequently their addiction treatment graduates stay sober for six months, or a year. But the effectiveness of addiction treatment can’t be measured in finite time blocks; on the contrary, addiction treatment that works is addiction treatment that lasts forever, and pretending otherwise only serves to hinder the overall addiction treatment process. Begin your new life today, Behavioral Medicine is here for you, 318-388-5553.

Addiction recovery, you might say, is more of a state of being than anything else. As addiction is a psychological disease, so must addiction treatment pose a psychological solution to it: An addiction treatment program has to help addiction treatment patients develop new modes of comprehension, so that sobriety is less something that lasts for a few months or a few years than something that simply and fundamentally “is”: for as long and as far as it could ever need to be.

Of course, that sort of abstract hypothesizing is best left for the future. What matters now is that you’re here, and that you know: that you need help, and that only addiction treatment can deliver it to you. Again, for your own sake, please make the decision you need to make. Let today be the day you start making addiction recovery real.

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