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Over 20 percent of all Americans (over 60 million people) suffer from some sort of diagnosed mental disorder. This does not include the millions that don't get the help they need due to lack of access or other unfortunate circumstances. Untreated mental illness can have a devastating impact on an individual's life. It often leads to addiction, deterioration of relationships, poverty, unnecessary incarceration, violent crime, self-harm and much more BMAD provides expert clinical treatment for a range of mental health disorders and our patients' confidentiality is always respected at all times.

Treating a Full Range of Mental Disorders

We are committed to helping patients successfully overcome their mental illness through quality and compassionate care. Mental Health Rehab at BMAD blends group and individual counseling with modern treatment strategies to give patients a clear pathway to recovery and healthy living. We offer a diverse and extensive menu of outpatient treatment options to help patients heal and grow.

Treatment begins with a complete psychological assessment.

The MHR Treatment Experience

Mental Health Rehab programs goal is to help patients whose lives have been damaged by mental illness, work towards a goal of enjoying positive mental health and a better life. We help patients confront and manage their mental illness, teach and reinforce life skills, help them safely address traumatic episodes and provide them with a template for positive physical and emotional health. We also incorporate social skills development and cognitive behavioral therapy if necessary.

Don't Let Mental Illness Rob You of a Chance for a Happy Life!

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