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Intensive Outpatient Treatment :: BMAD

Intensive Outpatient Treatment will be given for three- three hour sessions per week. The IOP treatment will focus on three major issues: 1) Sobriety and Abstinence; 2) Group and/or Individualized Therapy; 3) Skills development and substance abuse education.

Clients in the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program will have the opportunity to participate in therapy, explore, change, and develop healthier cognitions and behaviors such as: Sobriety and abstinence, relapse prevention, alcohol and drug education, trauma and stress, PTSD, physical-mental-emotional abuse, sexual abuse molestation, emotional health, impulsive and compulsive behaviors, relationship skills, family relationships, anger and rage, coping with life frustrations, and career development. Family group therapy will be offered on a monthly basis or as needed.

In addition clients will be encouraged to attend one 12-step meeting per week.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment will offer clients the opportunity to understand and change the deeper psychological motivations for addictive acting-out. BMAD staff have been trained (PHD clinicians or Masters Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling) to help clients resolve and become aware of problems that promote substance abuse.

Outpatient Treatment will be provided for one to three hours, up to three times a week as needed. Clients in the Outpatient Treatment program will be given knowledge and insight concerning: issues of sobriety and abstinence, individual and/or group therapy, substance abuse education, relapse prevention, development of coping skills, interpersonal relationships development, emotional health and expression, anger management, and other issues as needed. Outpatient treatment will be individualized for each client to help insure lifelong sobriety and abstinence.

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