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Treatment :: BMAD
Our Goals and Objectives are:
  • Change the behaviors of the disadvantaged and at-risk
  • Counsel families to change behaviors
  • Mentor and provide positive role models
  • Provide educational preparation and support

Our Services

BMAD provides treatment and an array of Recovery Support services to engage an individual in care for several months after Treatment services. However, Recovery Support Services may be utilized before, after, or in conjunction with treatment.

What are Treatment Services?

Treatment Services are clinical services that are provided by a licensed alcohol and drug treatment facility and/or staff person at a Recovery Support Agency. These services consist of:

  • The Addiction Severity Index and American Society of Addictive Medicine (ASI/ASAM) - This service is used to determine the level of care an individual may need upon enrollment into Access to Recovery based on the Screening Tool
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) - The Matrix Model IOP service for ATR II are reserved for those who have a primary or secondary diagnosis of Methamphetamine.
  • Continuing Care/Aftercare - This service is delivered upon the consumer’s successful completion of any treatment program, including non -ATR II treatment IOP. The goal of this service is to assure the consumer maintains progress in achieving their goals and in establishing a recovery oriented lifestyle.

We Offer:

Recovery Services are a collection of non clinical services that we provide consisting of:

  • Basic Education - This is a service that provides GED prep, tutoring, literacy classes, or other services designed to equip consumers with basic education skills.
  • Case Management - This service involves coordination of care services which assist a consumer in identifying, accessing, and coordinating resources that are supportive in achieving the consumer’s treatment and recovery goals.
  • Drug Testing - Random Drug Testing is used to determine the presence of substances. Drug Testing is required for consumers participating in TN-ATR II and is done in conjunction with other treatment or recovery services.
  • Employment Skills - This service is focused to assist a consumer to prepare for, find and/or maintain employment. Employment skills includes such things as specific job skills, interviewing skills, resume writing, career exploration, and job retention skills.
  • Family Support - This service includes interventions on the consumer’s behalf to give family members and significant others information to understand the consumer’s addiction, skills to support the consumer’s recovery, and support to help the family cope.
  • Pastoral Support - This service includes a variety of recovery support services which incorporates faith and specific religious beliefs and convictions in the recovery process.
  • Recovery Skills - This service is designed to assist the consumer in obtaining the necessary skills to be a successful and productive member of the community. Topics in this service include budgeting, parenting, personal growth, and anger management to name a few.
  • Relapse Prevention - This service is designed to assist the consumer in developing skills to recognize early signs that may lead to relapse and to develop methods to counteract these triggers.
  • Spiritual Support - This service is designed to assist the consumer in developing their spirituality as an integral part of their recovery and may cover practices and principles such as establishing a relationship with a higher power, identifying a sense of purpose and mission in one’s life.
  • Transportation - This service provides transportation for consumers for the purpose of accessing treatment and/or recovery services or any activity that supports a consumer’s recovery.

BMAD wants to assists those reintegrating and adjusting back into society.

  • Job readiness
  • Job preparation and retention classess
  • Resume writing and referral letters
  • G.E.D. preparation - we have computer programs for self-paced programs, take home tests, as well as classes (If you take the GED while participating in our program, we will reimburse the test costs when you pass the test!)
  • Job search classes

How to Access Services

Accessing ATR II services is very simple. A consumer would need to access an authorized ATR II provider for a brief screening and assessment.

To qualify for services, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of the State of Louisiana for a minimum of 30 days
  • Have no private insurance that will be for the treatment and/or recovery services
  • Be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Meet the annual income criteria which as follows:
    • 1 person family = $21,000 or below
    • 2 person family = $28,000 or below
    • 3 person family = $36,000 or below
    • 4 person family = $43,000 or below
    • 5 person family = $50,000 or below
    • 6 person family = $57,000 or below
    • 7 person family = $64,000 or below
    • 8 person family = $72,000 or below

In addition to the criteria outlined above, to qualify for treatment services for ATR IOP, an individual must have a comprehensive clinical assessment indicating the likelihood of current methamphetamine abuse or dependence requiring treatment services provided through ATR II covered service.

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